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Enjoy Savings with the Help of Homes for Heroes

If you are a firefighter, teacher, healthcare professional, teacher, or served in the military and want to get the best deal when selling your home, Julie Cendejas can help. Your job is to help others and Julie’s is to help you! Julie is a Homes for Heroes Affiliate that will work with you to not only get your home sold at the best possible price but also help you save money in the process. 

Treasure Valley Heroes save thousands when buying or selling a home. Simply reach out to Julie to maximize your savings!

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With Homes for Heroes, you can save on costs from real estate agents, title companies, home inspectors, and loan officers. Julie is not only a licensed Realtor in Boise, ID, but also a passionate affiliate of Homes for Heroes since 2013, and has specialist knowledge about the real estate market in your area. Call Julie Cendejas today at (208) 870-9563 to learn more about Treasure Valley Heroes!

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For more information about available properties in the area, call Julie from the Cendejas Group today at (208) 870-9563 to schedule a free consultation. 

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